5 Fashion Trends for the Spring/Summer & the Affordable Ways to Rock Them

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on here… almost 6 months! I guess life got a little crazy… I had started a new job, Andrew’s Chick-fil-A has been killing it but keeping him busy, and we’ve been very involved with our church and social life! Sometimes I try and picture our busy life with the addition of kids and don’t know how parents do it. So shout out to all you busy parents out there – for managing your own lives as well as little ones!

Anyways, I hadn’t had the blog on the brain, but as I did a little spring & summer shopping, I got excited about some new trends that I wanted to share with you. Now I’m not one for trends, let me start off by saying that. My ideal word to describe my style is “classic” so I don’t like to get hung up on things that are only in style for a season. But every now and then, I hop on a bandwagon and just like to make sure the price I’m paying reflects the short term wear of a trendy item.

That being said, let me share with you the 5 trends I’m most excited about this warm season and where I’ve found them for affordable prices!

  1. Fashion Sneakers
    This one’s for all you comfy fashionistas out there! The good news is that comfortable shoes are IN! With the rise of cute, fashionable shoes like Tieks, Rothy’s, etc., the trend is to wear comfortable shoes that still look awesome.DID YOU HEAR ME?! Comfortable shoes are in!!

    I often tell Andrew “beauty is pain” whenever I wear a fabulous pair of shoes that is killing me by the end of the night, so I got really excited when I started seeing more fashion bloggers and friends in what are affectionately known as “fashion sneakers”. They are perfect for commutes to work, baseball games, or even date nights out. You can pair them with anything from ripped jeans to a sundress – their versatility is an added bonus!

    Here are a few of my favorites:

    Steve Madden Slip-On Sneaker
    Chuck Taylor Sneaker
    Red Dress Boutique Sneaker

  2. Ankle Straps
    Another shoe trend that I’m particularly excited about are ankle straps. Let me be honest though… I have a love/hate relationship here. As ADORABLE as I think ankle straps are, I have personally not found them to be as comfortable as trend #1 AND you have to be careful when wearing them to still flatter your legs because the strap does cover the skinniest park of your ankle, therefore shortening the length of your legs visually. If you’re someone like me who doesn’t have super defined ankles or calf muscles anyways, this isn’t ideal. That being said, you can still elongate your leg by wearing an ankle strapped heel that doesn’t strap over anywhere except your ankle and toe, and wearing higher heels. I just wanted to be honest about my review of this trend but despite its potential drawbacks, I still find them stinking adorable.I think having a nude patent ankle strap pump is a MUST for this wedding season (and bonus that you can wear it to work too) and I definitely don’t hate an ankle strap block heel. Check out the 3 ankle strap heels I’ve bought myself to sport this summer!

    Target Wedge Heel
    Blue Suede Block Heel
    Nude Patent Ankle Strap Pump

  3. Cuffed Jeans
    One of the most fun things about fashion is how quickly the same trend circulates in and out of style over the years. Now I’m great about cleaning out my closet and giving away clothes that I don’t wear anymore but the cyclical nature of fashion makes me kick myself for this sometimes!… case in point me wishing I hadn’t thrown out my denim jacket a couple of years ago cause now I want one!That being said, cuffed jeans are back in… anyone else remember cuffing your long jeans back in high school or college?! I sure do. Well guess what… they’re cool again.

    Make sure if you cuff your jeans though that you’re doing it right. You only want to cuff a pair of straight or skinny leg jeans (denim, white, or otherwise), and make sure to do it the width of 2-3 fingers and only roll once. If you can set your phone in the cuff, it is too big!!

    This has made its way back into style because showcasing your ankle elongates the length of your leg (a great way to combat the issue in #2), and allows you to wear jeans with a multiple of shoes: wedges, heels, flats, etc.!

    I’ve found a couple of great affordable pairs of jeans from Zara this summer, but I know Nordstrom has an amazing selection of jeans too if you don’t mind spending a little bit more.

    – Zara ripped jeans – could not find my pair online
    – Zara white jeans
    – Nordstrom jeans

  4. Bare Shoulder
    Now if you’ve missed this summer trend… we need to talk. Because it’s EVERYWHERE! Whether it’s a cold shoulder or off-the-shoulder look, showcasing those tanning shoulders is a fashion “DO” for 2017. It’s a great way to feel confident and beautiful while still covering everything up! And for all you Moms out there, YES you can totally rock this too. This trend does not discriminate against age or body shape!I personally have gone to boutiques to satiate my desire to get in on this trend, and here are some of my favorite looks that I found (all under $50!).

    Juliana’s – Off the Shoulder Dress
    Red Dress Boutique – Blue OTS
    Red Dress Boutique – Coral OTS
    Red Dress Boutique – Blue CS
    Juliana’s – CS Periwinkle

  5. Tassel Earrings
    Such a fun trend! I had moved so much into stud earrings only before my love for Kendra Scott developed a couple years ago and I have had so much fun building out my dangly earring collection once again.Along with ball-drop earrings, tassel earrings are taking the market by storm and Bauble Bar is the PLACE to get them from! Want a cheaper approach to Bauble Bar? Look no further than Target. Bauble Bar has developed a more affordable line called “Sugar Fix” that is sold exclusively at Target and girl, it’s all you need. $10-$15 for the hottest earrings of the season? Yes please. The first two pairs below are ones I’ve gotten myself and the last few I recommend for you to check out!

    Sugar Fix earrings – Pink
    Red Dress Boutique yellow earrings
    Sugar Fix beaded earrings
    Kendra Scott statement earrings
    Bauble Bar piñata earrings
    J Crew earrings white


So what do you guys think?! What is your favorite trend for this summer?





Photo credit: lulus.com

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