Meal Train

So we had the most amazing weekend. Some of our best friends from Atlanta, Zack and Erika Price, came to visit us. And not only was it great to see some old friends, but it was great time exploring and adventuring around our city. Erika had never been to DC before so on Sunday we packed in all the sights, starting at the Library of Congress and working our way to the Lincoln Memorial (a walk that included stops at Supreme Court building, Capitol, Natural History Museum, American History Museum, White House, National Archives, Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, and Lincoln Memorial). So we did it all! And watching the sun set on the back steps of the Lincoln Memorial, overlooking the Potomac, was AH-MAZING.

But now I’m back to being a little housewifey! So time to get my cooking on again (although Erika and I did make some pretty awesome slow-cooker steak fajitas this weekend!). In the spirit of cooking, and since the last blog post on recipes was so popular, I thought I would include some more of my favorite recipes for you guys.

The title of this post is “Meal Train” – but it’s a new twist on the usual meaning of this phrase. I’m listing here 13 recipes that all share a common ingredient with the recipe before and after them. This will help with lowering your ingredient list at the grocery store – the key to saving money on meals!

Also you will find here recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

And we’ll end it there with the perfect fall recipe. But if you need something to do with that extra apple cider, mix it with champagne (1/3 cider, 2/3 champagne) – and hey, could even be your leftover champagne from the Chicken Au Champagne dish – for the perfect fall cocktail! It’s to die for and so easy to make.

Ok guys, time to hear from you: what should I write my next blog post about? I need some inspiration from you!!




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