It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Best of Times.

So I’m sitting on the couch with my husband and we decided I should start a blog all of about 3 minutes ago. So forgive me if this is not a totally linear train of thought.

Hi. I’m Mary. I’m a real housewife of DC.

Well, for now at least. You see, my husband Andrew and I got married almost 7 months ago in Georgia, where we are both from, and we moved to Bethesda, MD a month and a half ago. We moved here for my husband Andrew to begin his career as a Chick-fil-A Operator and ironically I left my career at Chick-fil-A’s Corporate Office in Atlanta for us to make this move. (Sidebar: I’m laughing at myself as I write this that I’m “introducing” us as if anyone reading this doesn’t know who we are. But I’m just pretending that my millions of followers someday will dig deep into the archives of my posts to find THE ORIGINAL post.) 

Which now makes me a real housewife of DC… right? We might need a few more “zero’s” added to the end of our income before I’m officially part of that category, I don’t know. I am on the job hunt, but have not started working yet so for now my #1 job is care and keeper of the house and the hubs! And watching Live! with Kelly every morning of course.

In the month and a half that we’ve lived here, I feel like I’ve learned so much about decorating, cooking, cleaning, and my favorite hobby: make-up. As a natural-born extrovert, I of course need somewhere to deposit all of my thoughts and newly learned information (especially since I’m at home a lot of days alone) so what else does a millennial do than start a blog right? Plus my mom and brother have blogs so I was starting to worry that I wasn’t going to be allowed into Thanksgiving dinner without one.

Full disclaimer: I am an expert on NONE of these topics. You’d have to call Meg King, Jen Cieslak, Rachael Ray, or my mom to reach an expert on any of these matters. BUT I do feel like I’ve acquired a lot of helpful knowledge (thank you Google!) recently that might be worth sharing with newlywed women like myself… or at least it can provide a laugh to those of you who ARE experts to see what things I probably SHOULD’VE known that I didn’t!

For example, upon moving in, questions that I had included: “whose EYE LEVEL am I supposed to base hanging this picture off of?”, “do I tuck the bedskirt in or leave it out of the frame?”, “how in the world do I remove a red wine stain from a granite countertop?”, and CURTAINS. Curtains were a category of questions in and of themselves.

Also I will be talking about make-up sometimes because. Well. I just love it.

So…if you haven’t gathered this from my word vomit so far, my blog isn’t about one thing in particular. It’s about a lot of little things. Is that allowed? I feel like I might be breaking some international blog rule out there. Oh well. No one tell me if I am.

So here goes! Join me on this journey of… well, everything. It’ll be fun. If nothing else, it can be at least one thing you get to see on your newsfeed that isn’t about the election. It’ll be the BEST of times!

Now my turn to hear from you: what would you love to read about in this blog? Meal planning? Decorating? Wedding registries? Eyeshadow tips & tricks? Mine and Andrew’s DC adventures? Let me know!




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